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Welcome to the Class of '87 Website! My name is Heather Manthey but some of you may remember me as Heather Perfect. I took over Web Master duties for our graduating class. HeatherPerfectManthey~~E-mail, To add your email or website address click here Add Me, Ladies please provide your maiden name.

If you find an email currently on this site that bounces back let me know so it can be removed.

Here is the video I put together for the reunion.

'87 Grade School pictures

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Tony Adkins~~Email,
Tasha Aeschliman Taylor~~Email,
Carrie Alexander,
Kevin Allen~~Email,
A'Lisa Anderson,
Jennifer Anderson,
Stephanie Anderson,
Todd Anderson~~Email,
Mary Archer Garlitz~~Email,
David Armstrong,
Katie ArrowsmithKnopf~~Email,
Jeff Aundre,
Stacy Austin

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Becky Baker~~Email ,
Jude Barnes~~Email~~Jude'sHomePage,
Nikki Barrett,
Mike Bartol,
Tom BartonIII~~Email,
Jens Becker,
Aric Bell,
Annette Benavides,
Steve Bjorn,
Rita Blacketer,
Corey Boehning~~Email,
Stella Borgeson,
Monty Bowen~~Email,
Kevin Braby,
Jill Brandt~~Email,
Charlie Brodaczynski,
Mark Brown,
Shane Brown,
Michelle Burden,
Damon Bryant,
Lisa Burney

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Dan Caprai,
Susi Carlson,
Bob Chambliss~~(deceased)~~9/15/68-7/18/04,
Vikki Chappelle~~Email,
Carmel Clark,
Corey Coffman,
Steve Cole,
Marnae Collins,
Shirley Collins,
Scott Couch,
Chris Coughran,
Bruce Crankshaw~~Email,
Carey Crook Christiansen~~Email,
James Croucher,
Kim Culbertson

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Crystal Dale Elliott~~Email
Francine Darcy,
Ken Davis,
Wendy Deery,
Chuck Demarest~~Email,
Paul Deng
Paul's Home Page,
J'Anna Depoe,
Tracy Deter Wilson~~Email,
Aaron Dewitt,
Gina Diamanti Weir,
Ron Dougherty,

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Dan Eddy,
Loren Erickson~~Email,

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David Faulkner,
Patti Felch Walrath~~Email,
Toni Felch,
John Fetterolf~~Email,
Paul Fievez~~Email,
Wendy Frick,
Leslie Fulks Schmidt~~Email

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Ken Gabel,
Rick Gale,
Mike Ganley~~(deceased),
Amy Gamin Hunter~~Email,
Lisa Gelman~~Email,
J.D. George,
Diane Gilbert~~Email,
Dana Gilchrist,
Steve Gire,
Scott Godwin,
Barb Goheen,
Todd Golberg~~Email,
Mario Gonzalez,
Tom Gore,
Doug Gosney~~Email,
Gene Gould,
Kathy Grade~~Email,
Tabby Grantham Zinsli,
Mike Gress,
Mike Groff,
Sean Groff,
Eddy Grunwald,
Carrie Guse Newton~~Email,
Chris Grygiel,
Kevin Gustafson~~Email

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Leslie Halterman Coons Schmidt~~Email,
Patty Hamilton Cordell~~Email,
Leah Handley~~Email,
Chris Hankel,
Brian Hannah~~Email,
Derk Hannigan~~Email,
Shay Harris Stuber~~Email,
Sylvia Haythorne~~Email
Dan Hendrickson,
Chuck Hodge~~Email,
Dan Holsten,
Muriel Hoppe Carroll~~Email,
Cheryl Horton,
Brandt Houston,
Julie Hughes,
Danielle Hughey,
Robin Hultgren~~Email,
Karey Huske~~Email,
Kris Huske Wagner~~Email,

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Mark Jacobus,
Melissa Jenkins Heimbigner~~Email,
Brian Jensen,
Doug Jones,
Teresa Jones,
Trudy Jones,
Derek Johnson~~Email,
Jana Johnson,
Kjerstin Johnson,
Cindy Jurjacks,

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Ulrich Kausch,
Tami Keaton,
Traci Kendall Winkleman,
Kathy King,
Wendy Kenitzer,
Carol Kinzel,
Christine Kofoed Ortega~~Email,
Jeff Kohl,
Tammy Kogan,
Dan Korten,
Deanna Korten,
Tom Krajicek,
Jeff Kreutz~~Email
Barbara Krogness~~Email

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Daina LaCour Galster~~Email,
Becky Lambert~~Email,
Darren Larson,
Mike Larson,
Wendy Lattin Stovall~~Email,
Dennis Lauhala~~Email,
Kelly Lawrence Middleton~~Email,
Tania Lee,
Aleta Lewis,
Michele Lichy~~Email,
Robert Linehan,
Cheryl Lloyd Vines~~Email,
Shawn Longwell,
Jenny Loper Buchanan~~Email,
Josh Lord~~Email,
Molly Luna,
Dale Lunceford,
Dan Lyons

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Greg Mace~~Email,
John Mahoney,
Mark Manthei,
Lucy Markham Cooper~~Email,
Charlene Markowski,
Britta Masuhr,
Lisa Mayfield~~Email,
Jill McCabe,
David McCary~~Email,
Melanie McCullogh,
Tracy McGrath,
Mike McGuire~~Email,
Sean McMullen,
Kim McWethy~~Email,
Kevin Meigs~~Email,
Mark Melton,
Jalene Merkley Wangsgaard~~Email ,
Angeline Merkt Linday~~Email,
Kristin Mesford,
Mark Molnaa~~Email,
Jim Moran~~Email~~Jim'sHomePage,
Viviana Moreno,
Mike Morgan~~Email,
Michelle Morris,
Heidi Morrison Bowen~~Email

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Corey Nelson~~Email,
Deana Nelson Fuller~~Email
Kirk Nelson,
Brian Nordquist,
Christina "Tina" Northrop Hyrkas
Joe Northrop~~Email
Chuck Noyes~~Email

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David O'Brien,
Danny O'Donnell~~Email,
Denise Olveda Torres~~Email,
Shane O'Meara~~Email,
Mark Oslin

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Heather Palmer,
Vinitha Panjabi,
Linda Parchen,
Mike Patterson,
Dan Paulson,
Monica Peel,
Kay Pennell Blackmore~~Email,
Maxine Penor Otte~~Email,
Heather Perfect Manthey~~Email~~Heather'sHomePage,
John Perry~~Email,
Jeff Phillips~~Email,
Brian Piche,
Jeannie Porter Gosney,
Heather Post,
Matt Powell~~Email,
Mark Powers,
John Poynor,
Darin Presto,
Barb Prince,
Lisa Putz~~Email

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Q - R
Traci Rasmussen~~Email,
Matt Rawlins~~Email,
Jody Reder Clark~~Email,
Steve Reese,
Cheryl Reisenauer,
Shelia Reisenauer,
Michell Rhoads,
Lueana Rhoten Bowers~~Email,
Ryan Rhoten,
Ross Rice,
Gary Roal,
Aaron Roberts~~Email,
Tracy Roberts Costanzo~~Email,
Lisa Robertson,
Merianne Robertson~~Email,
Bill Roe,
Angela Romrell,
Dave Roney,
Mark Rosnick,
Chris Ruemmler

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Marcella Saito,
Larry Sant~~Email,
Kirt Sasser~~Email,
Darral Schuintz,
Don Schmidtke~~Email,
Mike Schroeder,
Steve Schuster,
Brenda Schutt,
Erin Shannon,
Phoebe Sheldon Wildenborg~~Email
Scott Shields~~Email(HOME) ~~ ScottShields~~Email(WORK),
Wendy ShoemakeWhite~~Email,
Christine Simonton Loomis,
Susi Simpkinson,
Paul Skinnell,
Lara Sleater~~Email,
Paul Slotvig,
Jenny Smart Page~~Email~~Jenny'sHomePage,
Kaylene Smatlak Senft~~Email,
Chris Smith~~Email,

Kristin Sorensen Hunt~~Email
Jeff Spane,
Neil Spargur,
Steve Spink~~Email,
Joan Sprute,
Lisa Standring,
Kelli Stewart~~Email,
Stacey Stone Wilkinson~~Email,
AhnLee Styris Horn~~Email,
Tamara Stockwell,
Diana Sumsion,
Dana Taal Swindle,

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Roger Taber~~Email,
Andy Talbot~~Email,
Amy Taylor~~Email,
Devin Taylor,
Julie Taylor,
Mike Thomas,
Bill Thompson,
Shane Tifft~~Email,
Scott Tingey~~Email,
Joy Toth~~Email,
David Trujillo~~Email,
Jennifer Tucker,
Lee Turner

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Sandi Uhl Paglieri~~Email,
Kathy Ullman,
Jenny Ulrich~~Email

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Anne VanKeuren,
Jeff VanHouten,
Buzz Vickery,
Jeff Vines,
Carole Volpentest~~Email,
Lori Vopalinsky

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Becky Wahler,
Kathleen Wahler Arellano~~Email,
Pam Wallace~~Email,
Randy Walser~~Email,
Todd Walton~~Email,
Tina Ward Fairwell~~Email,
Diane Waters,
Maureen Weil~~Email,
Heidi Westlund~~Email,
Patrick Wheeler~~Email,
Stacey Wheeler,
Heather Whiting~~Email,
Nancy Wickersham Roe~~Email,
Kim Wiley~~Email,
Brian Williams,
Andy Williamson,
Jeff Williamson,
Sean Wilson,
Rob Winston,
Charlene Woods,
Shawne Worden,
Sarah Worthington,
Annette Wright,
Melanie Wright Reed~~Email

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X - Y
Belinda Youngs,
Kelli Younker

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Brian Zinsli,
Peggy Zipperer,
JoCaren Zuchiatti

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'87 Grade School pictures

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